Zhongshan Juda Packing Products Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: Facial Mask BagsWet Wipes Roll Films,Roll FilmsFood Bags,Spout Pouch

Our company was founded in August 2012 specialized in manufacturing and selling plastic printing and composite flexible packaging materials. Our company is located in the packaging city-Zhongshan City of Guangdong Province, the former residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Zhongshan possesses a very extensive purchasing channel and the latest packing trend and creates a good external environment for us to offer superior products and fast delivery. We adopt the strict 5S management and advanced production technology. We have a team of highly qualified engineers and technical staff members as well as experienced and skilled workers. With that, we will continue to develop new products to meet the needs of the market and customers. Our company possesses a series of high-quality equipment such as 9-color computerized printing machines, high-speed rewinding inspecting machines slitting machines, laminating machines bag-making machines, as well as shaped bag making machines offering perfect quality assurance and various needs of packaging to customers. Our products are as follows, automatic packaging roll film including cosmetics( food medicine, agriculture hardware, etc.) composite packaging bags facial mask bags, food bags aluminum foil bags, wet wipes bags electrostatic bags, paper-plastic compound bags ink box vacuum packaging, various kinds of prefabricated bags including shaped bags( spout bags zipper bags, stand up bags) shrinkable film labels PVC, PET/ POF heat shrinkable film and all kinds of flexible materials/ which can offer customers all-round services. In order to be your reliable and worthy of respect and trust partner we will make every effort to achieve strong technology, sincere service and practical spirit.

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