Xinjiang Jucai New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: Packaging Bags

Xinjiang Jucai New Material Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production and sales of various high-end woven bags, packaging bags agricultural film and other plastic products.,brThe company is located in Xinyue Light Industry Building Materials Park> Yuepuhu County Kashgar, Xinjiang. The company is strong in technology and RD. The company&s registered capital is 20 million yuan,brThere are 133 employees >including 133 locals) of which more than 30 are undergraduates.brbrbrThe company>s existing plant is 4200 square meters, and it has purchased a large-scale drawing production line high-end round,br50 looms> 1 high-end cutting and sewing machine 1 high-end large-scale color printing machine, high-endbr<1 intelligent offset printing machine 1 high-end large-scale complex mold machine, 1 computer automatic slitting machine high-end,brIntelligent thinks 1 folding machine> 20 wireless sealing machines 20 wired sealing machines, large highbr<1 set of file packer and more than 100 other auxiliary equipment.,brThe company>s products cover woven fabrics inner mucosal bags, film-coated bags color-printed film-coated bags, paper-plastic bags,brHundreds of specifications and varieties such as tons of bags> PE bags soft bags, etc. with a strong talent pool and,brThe advanced equipment has laid a solid foundation for the improvement of enterprise product quality and product development.>brOur company adheres to the tenet of >quality first" reputation first and provides users with high-quality products.,brGood product and good service>

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