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Alibaba Top 10 Gold Supplierbr container delivery time 15-25days"br>2 defect rate with 5 years warranty%brWe are SGS certified Alibaba gold supplier>br1. Flexible starting volume> MOQ500 More than:br2. Excellent quality> each production process and process is inspected and checked by 5 quality inspectors ;br3. Timely delivery> normal samples are completed in 5 days normal bulk goods are completed in 15-20 days, br<4. Controllable production capacity 4000 square meters in the production workshop: 50000 boxes and 80000 paper bags are produced every day;br 5. Personnel Specialty> there are 6 business orders 4 or more than 3 years of experience in the industry, 60 or more than 3 years of production workers 21 or more than 3 years of quality inspection, 4 or more than 3 years from work;br6 efficient service> more than 2000 customized foreign customers have been served in 6 years.

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