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We are please to Introducing ourself we are the leading colorful plastic packaging Manufacturer in Taiwan since 1980. We are 1st converter of OPP colorful packing bags in Taiwan. Our products are suitable for clothes, cards premium items and etc.,br>brIn order to expand our production items> we have produced environmental friendly colorful CPP cardholders and photo albums. We server customers with 7 colorful sheets to make the products more attractive and beautiful. ,br>brWe also supply waterproof self-seal packing envelopes> sealed outside for carton for shipping invoice and packing list and products information.'br>brWe can supply you our all kinds of plastic packaging bags with different colors and sizes> to meet your needs. Could you advise your specifications sizes, quantities and colors so we can offer to you accordingly.,br>brThank your assistance. Looking forward to hearing from you sooner.>br>brBest regards>brAndy Chen

For better quotations, include:
- A self introduction
- Special requests, if any

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