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Shenzhen Zhida Paper Packaging Co. Ltd. distributes and distributes wholesale color boxes, brochures labels, and gift boxes in the consumer market and enjoys a high position among consumers. The company has established a long-term and stable relationship with many retailers and agents. Partnership. Shenzhen Zhida Paper Packaging Co. Ltd. distributes color boxes, brochures labels, and gift boxes with a complete range and reasonable prices. Shenzhen Zhida Paper Packaging Co. Ltd. has strong strength, respects credit abides by contracts, guarantees product quality and has won the trust of customers with its multi-variety operating characteristics and the principle of small profits but quick turnover.Although there is a good market demand, it is objectively analyzed that the current level of development of carton printers in our domestic market is not high but the number of companies is large and the supply of production capacity exceeds demand. In the long run, the development of domestic companies cannot only look at the immediate market. The current market competition is fierce and the country will tend to be saturated. Enterprises should focus on the international market and improve the technical indicators and technological content of product packaging and printing.In order to protect their own interests, custom-made carton printing manufacturers have changed their long-term situation of paying small deposits for production or long-term installment payments after the epidemic in early 2020. Taking 50 or full payment% and short-term payment of the final payment after delivery or payment of the final payment within a specified period as the standard, improve the companys own asset structure and optimize the cash flow structure in order to have more funds invested in the company's own technological improvement and internal Management structure optimization and other construction are underway. In order to ensure that merchants can fully understand and feel the quality of carton packaging products a considerable number of companies are actively exploring upstream and downstream, such as Lijia Packaging. In addition to realizing the growth and development of our own enterprises we also create 3D business and build a new culture. Diversified development of industrial parks, etc.Different types of printing businesses have different label printing sticker printing, label printing etc. ,Mainly matt paper materials such as thermal paper, heat transfer paper matt paper with ,without coating) and a small amount of coated paper mirror coated paper. The film is mainly made of semi-silver PET material, but also There are a small amount of BOPP PVC, etc.)brPackaging and printing> such as book printing news printing, advertising printing letterpress rotary printing. The printing of books and magazines used letterpress printing in the past. News printing, in the past used letterpress rotary printing, because of its speed and large print volume. Recently in order to meet the needs of color, lithographic or rotogravure printing was used such as envelopes letter paper, invitations business cards, account books workbooks, etc. the price of large-scale printing will be cheaper.Because the products, service objects process operations, and production scale of each printing plant are very different they have their own characteristics in addition to the commonality in production technology. From the perspective of news newspapers, book publishing packaging and decoration, securities stationery, building decoration materials and parts printing, in terms of news printing almost all major newspapers in the world have

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