Qingdao Ariel Packaging Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: Food packagingDegradable packaging,Plastic packagingPaper packaging,Pet food bag

Our company mainly engaged in export trade exporting to 56 countries and regions in the world. Our products long-term exports to the United States, Canada Japan, South Korea Germany, the United Kingdom Singapore, the United Arab Emirates Brazil.,brWe strictly regulate the production process to ensure product quality. Our factory buildings is strictly constructed with dust-free workshop> epoxy floor constant temperature environment according to the standard of aseptic workshop. Besides, we strictly check staffs hygiene every day. We develop and produce all kinds of biodegradable packaging using the gravure plate making made by Yuncheng plate making group which has the most advanced gravure printing technology in the world and 83 plate making companies. We can make three-layer coextrusion film' five layer coextrusion film puncture resistant film, high strength film and drop resistant film. The company has 6 sets of 10 color printing machines automatic on-line detection instruments for tracking the printing quality in the whole process. The laboratory has tension machine, friction coefficient meter vacuum meter, leakage meter puncture resistance meter, weather chromatograph to detect various packaging conditions and 6 sets of dry laminating machine and solvent-free laminating machine, 10 sets of automatic temperature control curing room to ensure the stability of packaging process.br

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