Ningbo Yinzhou Dejing Blister Packing Products Factory

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Ningbo Yinzhou Dejing Blister Packaging Products Factory is a professional manufacturer of blister packaging integrating development design, production and sales. The factory has professional blister experience and mainly produces high-quality blister packaging products for export and domestic sales. The factory has advanced blister packaging machinery at home and abroad excellent professional blister talents and perfect management system. The general manager of our factory has been engaged in the blister industry for more than ten years, and has unique insights into the design and development of blister packaging products and can provide one-stop service for blister packaging products. It can produce and process PVC, PET PP, PS PE, BOPP flocking, antistatic conductive and other materials, and produce high-quality plastic packaging boxes folding boxes, cylinders etc. Products are widely used in such industries as stationery, accessories electronics, daily necessities cosmetics, and hardware tools. Technical advantages With professional mold makers: we can develop and design different types of plastic molds such as metal molds resin molds, plaster molds bakelite molds, and high-frequency molds according to customer needs. Equipment advantages Have multiple automatic blister forming machine assembly lines: punching machines and folding machines.

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