MS Packing Industry Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: fine mist sprayertreatment pump,food jam pumplotion pump,dropper

Big or small M,S aims to meet the needs of every client. This helps small businesses reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary overhead and needless storage fees. At the same time large companies ordering products quantities from M,S enjoy deep

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Huizhou Annaigee Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

China 72

Cigar BoxJewelry Box,Lunch BoxWooden Box,Packaging Box

Foshan Zhien Machinery Co., Ltd.

China, Foshan, Guangdong 57

Machinery Automatic Vertical Weighing Packing Machine(,Automatic Powder Packing MachineHorizontal Flow Packing Machine,Automatic Counting Packing MachineAutomatic Feeding Packing Line,Automatic Filling MachineAutomatic Wrapping Machine,Automatic Doypack Machine

Shenzhen Longqihengfa Packaging Co., Ltd.

China, Guangdong, Shenzhen 72

paper boxpaper bag,paper cardcorrugated box,customized packaging