Heshan Shaping Yongxu Accessory Factory

Main Products and Services: BagsTassels,Ropetea,Ribbon Bow

China Gift Pack Company. was established in Heshan China in 2005, Our products as following:brRibbon bow> Ribbon bows Curly bow, Curly bows Polypro Rosettes, Polypro Rosette polypropylene Rosette, Rosettes Ribbon Rosette, Pull bow Pull bows, Star bow Star bows, Prismatic bow Flake Ribbon Rosettes, pouches velvet pouches, Jewelry Pouches Bags& Bags Cotton bags, Satin bags Mesh bags, Common sheer bags Tassels, 11 cord chainette, 24 cord 6,8 cord/ 55 cord 4,2 cord/ 72 cord 6,9 cord/ 693 cord 8,15 cord/ 153 cord 20,3 cord/ Twisted Cord China Knot, Elastic Elastics, Decorative Elastics Sparkle Elastic, Shiny Metallic Elastic Stretch loops, Stretch loops with Pre-tied bows Stretch bows, Pet Ornament Pet Ornaments, Dog collar Dog collars, Lanyard Lanyards.,br>brAssemblies with wire stitch> twisted cord loop with wire stitch Elastic loop with wire stitch. ,brAssemblies with balls> Elastic loop with ball twisted cord loop with ball, Ribbon loop with ball Elastic with ball each end, Twisted cord with ball each end.br Elastic U-pin circle Elastic figure eight with clasp.,br>brAssemblies with Knots> Knotted loop Elastic, Twisted cord knot each end, Elastic knot one end.

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