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Founded in 2005 DXC PACK is an innovative printer and converter of flexible packaging for the food and non-food industries, with stringent quality procedures and are ISO 22000 BRC and FSC certified.,br>br12>000 square-meter Self-built factory with Three production lines included 10 colors rotogravure and 6 colors flexo printer 1.6-meter width solvent-based and Nordmeccanica solvent-free laminated, total 15 sets various pre-made bag making machines included 1 meter Flat Bottom Bag machine to providing quality bags with wide ranges types and sizes. Total annual production capability over 10000 tons. The workshops are designed and built according to the international standards to create an environmentally friendly, clean healthy and safe environment.,br>brProfessional in Coffee packaging bags> Whey protein bags Barrier pet treats bags, Food powder bags Kraft paper laminated bags, Large foil bags Stand up pouches, Flat bottom bags Heavy dry food bags with side gusset handle and slider zipper, Velcro zipper pouches Pocket zipper pouches and etc. to meet customers, individual packaging

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